Fitstar Joins The Trinity Ventures Family

Today we announced Trinity is leading a Series A investment in FitStar, a company that is going to make your iPad your physical trainer.


Americans spend more than $75 billion on personal health and fitness. At Trinity, we believe mobile devices will transform our lives, particularly as it relates to our wellness and fitness. This is a market that has deeply interested our firm for a long time. We took our first steps toward a fitness investment when my partner Gus Tai led an investment in health tracking devices for exercise equipment—in 1998. On a personal level most of our partners are into fitness: Larry Orr is a gym fanatic; Dan Scholnick goes off the grid on treks and, if you’re not careful, will be glad to tell you about his bulletproof lifestyle; Fred Wang is a death ride biker and an ace swimmer; Patricia Nakache is into tennis; my wife and I are avid tandem bikers; and 74 year old Trinity co-founder Noel Fenton topped us all by biking across the country a few years ago (with his wife, mind you!).

So, it should come as no surprise that we have been actively looking for investment opportunities in this space, specifically new ways to make fitness more available and accessible. Like many investors, we’ve been impressed with recent innovations in fitness bandswatches and fitness content. But our view was that while these devices were great at providing you interesting personal fitness data, what was needed was a product that would make fitness actionable. So you are not just looking at interesting performance data but being guided on ways to improve performance. And, we believed that this could only be done with a platform approach so that a whole variety of performance improvement techniques could be presented to users via actionable coaching.

We were therefore blown away when Trinity EIR Ethan Fassett introduced us to FitStar Founders Mike Maser and Dave Grijalva who had a unique point of view and clear vision for building a fitness platform. We loved the fact that FitStar had built dynamic content creation, management and compilation capabilities in the platform. This allows the platform to compile content segments in real time to truly personalize coaching. And then there are gaming elements to encourage folks along their fitness regimen. All this with a user experience that is delightful, personalized and inviting.

It was clear that Mike and Dave had given FitStar design a lot of thought and were passionate about the fitness space. And they were armed with gaming and mobile platform experiences from EA and ngMoco, to boot.

But it was not till we saw the first app on the FitStar platform that we realized this was game changing!  Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (who only missed one NFL game in sixteen years) leads you in your own personalized assessment and coaching session. Try it out! I think you will agree FitStar is a transformative experience.

Welcome, Mike, Dave and the FitStar team to the Trinity family! We are delighted that you are the first investment in Trinity XI fund. When extraordinary people go after great markets, exciting things happen. We are honored to be your partners!