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Act-On: Leading the 5,000,000 company march

Karan Mehandru

15 Apr / In the last few years we’ve seen a dramatic shift in enterprise marketing and the skill set required to be a great marketer. At the core of this shift is marketing automation, which had its roots in email marketing and … Continue reading

Simply Stoked!

Karan Mehandru

18 Mar / Those who know me well as an investor know that I take structured notes on companies I meet with every day, in my own format, which includes a few takeaways that I find interesting, as well as a rating that … Continue reading

Why We Invested in ServiceMax

Noel Fenton

04 Mar / Every once in awhile, a team comes along with the capacity to recognize a significant unmet market need, a team that can create something great, something sustainable. ServiceMax is one of those companies. Its CEO, Dave Yarnold, as well as … Continue reading

Leaping In

Patricia Nakache

28 Feb / In her blockbuster book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg implores women to seek out new career challenges and opportunities, rather than shy away from them, even as they juggle work with marriage and motherhood. Few career decisions offer as much challenge … Continue reading

Hoopla Brings Home the Gold

Larry Orr

13 Feb / With the Sochi Olympics in full swing, it’s a good time to talk about performance. We all know that competitive performance is just as important in business as in sports. The sports industry is driven by products and tools that … Continue reading

A Pivot that Worked: The Docker Story

Dan Scholnick

22 Jan / For the vast majority of startups, the path to success is not a linear one.  Nearly all founders face that moment where their company’s continued existence comes into question.  I joined my first startup, Wily Technology, in 1999 right around … Continue reading

The VP of Operations: The New Rising Star of Silicon Valley

Patricia Nakache

21 Jan / Historically the toughest executive jobs to fill at technology startups have been the VP of Engineering and the VP of Product.  However, in the consumer ecommerce sector, a new leadership role has emerged as perhaps the biggest bottleneck to success: … Continue reading

Team, Vision and Culture: Picking a Winner in an Emerging Space

Ajay Chopra

20 Jan / From time to time, Trinity partners host the management team of one of our portfolio companies to an appreciation dinner. It’s our way of honoring their hard work, and gives us a chance to recognize and connect with the extended team that is … Continue reading

New Relic, Docker Showcase the Coming Devops Disruption

Dan Scholnick

07 Jan / Here at Trinity, we’ve been following the devops movement for quite some time, at least since we made our initial investment in New Relic in 2008.  Despite our conviction and New Relic’s tremendous success, we’ve found that there’s still confusion … Continue reading

Karan Mehandru’s SaaS Predictions for 2014!

Karan Mehandru

16 Dec / When Neils Bohr said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future,” he succinctly captured the many challenges of venture capital. Venture Capital is about people, about company building, about trust and support, about ups and downs, but at its … Continue reading