"My parents were immigrants and entrepreneurs so I grew up in a start-up culture where I experienced first hand the type of passion, vision and perseverance entrepreneurs need to have."
Fred Wang Fred Wang Fred Wang

“I saw how an independent and strategic perspective from an experienced investor can be invaluable to entrepreneurs, often times critical to its success.  Over the last fifteen years as a venture capitalist, I learned that that it’s not only the perspective that’s important, but also how VCs work with each entrepreneur when sharing their perspective.  My style is to be open-minded, constructive and honest, and most importantly, engaged and available. To me, it’s important that an entrepreneur feels that the perspective is timely and actionable and grounded in experience.”
Fred Wang, General Partner 

Prior to  joining Trinity Ventures in 1999, Fred was a partner at Spectrum Equity Investors, making investments in infrastructure companies. Based on his years of investing history in the valley, Fred is well regarded by his peers for his perspective on framing financing and industry trends. Previously, he worked at The Boston Consulting Group working with clients such as Disney, AT&T, and Apple Computer. Before BCG, he held operating positions in the New Technologies Group at Pacific Bell and as an early employee at Intuit.

Fred is a board member and past President of the Western Association of Venture Capital (WAVC), and is actively involved with the Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Northern California and the Stanford University Campaign for Undergraduate Education.

Software-as-a-Service, Enterprise and Internet Infrastructure.

M.B.A. from Harvard Business School
M.S., Industrial Engineering from Stanford University
B.S., Electrical Engineering from Stanford University

Active investments
Aryaka Networks
Enovix (formerly MicroAzure)
Exalt Communications

Past investments
21ViaNet (VNET)
Avaak (acquired by Netgear)
Ankeena (acquired by Juniper Networks – JNPR)
Aruba Networks (ARUN)
Illuminet (acquired by VeriSign – ILUM)
Infoblox (BLOX)
Laurel Networks (acquired by ECI Telecom)
Modulus Video (acquired by Motorola – MOT)
Netcordia (acquired by Infoblox)
Network Access Solutions (NASC)
Orative (acquired by Cisco – CSCO)
SevenSpace (acquired by Sun Microsystems – SUN)
Speedera Networks (acquired by Akamai Technologies – AKAM)
Tut Systems (TUTS)
WiFiSlam (acquired by Apple – AAPL)