Act-On Software

Act|On Software allows business users to integrate their customer relationship management efforts across a variety of popular tools in one easy-to-use interface. Its capabilities range from building lead generation through website interactions to hosting and promoting webinars and other types of display events. The company currently integrates with, WebEx, and Microsoft Outlook.


  • A New Framework for Sales Enablement
    Is “sales enablement” just another buzzword? Yes, and no. Yes: A quick Google search returns just over a million hits, and many are insipid. (“Is ‘sales enablement’ the new black?” I’m paraphrasing, but you know what I mean.) No: In a 2010 blog post, Forrester’s Scott Santucci […]
  • Lead Management: 7 Steps to the Process that Creates Revenue
    Editor’s note: Jay Hidalgo is – among other things – the Demand Gen Coach. He’s spent over 20 years in the trenches, working hand-in-glove with with enterprise, midmarket, and smaller companies to develop and build buyer research, demand generation, database development, and lead […]