Act-On Software

Act|On Software allows business users to integrate their customer relationship management efforts across a variety of popular tools in one easy-to-use interface. Its capabilities range from building lead generation through website interactions to hosting and promoting webinars and other types of display events. The company currently integrates with, WebEx, and Microsoft Outlook.


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    A few decades ago, when I was a green B2B inside sales rep, we kept customer histories by hand on 3×5 cards and kept them in a “tickle” file organized by date. You’d have a conversation with a prospect, make notes on the card, jot down when next to call the prospect, and then slot... […]
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    It’s a legendary conundrum: Sales and marketing cooperation is hampered by a lack of communication and agreement. Often the two teams are much like Mars and Venus, with different objectives and different styles – not to mention different ways of being judged by management, and different […]