Log management in the cloud. Loggly provides a cloud based application intelligence solution for app developers.  Loggly indexes application log data which can be used to troubleshoot, monitor and analyze customer usage.


  • Get More Out of JSON with Loggly Gen2 Log Management
    In the past, we at Loggly have talked about how sending your log output in JSON saves a ton of time scouring your logs for events. To recap, JSON lets you format your log output so that it will send something like this: { “Timestamp”: “2013-10-23T14:25:43.411Z”, […]
  • Gen2 Feature Update: Trends Improvements, Usability, and More Log Management Features!
    Loggly knows that Sys and DevOps teams are busy, so we’ve gone out of our way to simplify their accessing valuable information with a single click. With our improvements from this latest release cycle, we haven’t lost sight on our goal of helping you find the needle in the log […]