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Patricia Nakache


  • M.B.A., Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • A.B., Physics and Chemistry, Harvard University

Patricia invests in early-stage consumer and business service technology startups across a wide range of industries including the sharing economy, real estate and food tech sectors. In addition to her role as General Partner at Trinity, she is a Lecturer in Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she teaches Startup Garage and a board member of the National Ventures Capital Association (NVCA). Patricia is frequently quoted in leading publications as a champion for female and diverse representation in Silicon Valley, Venture Capital, and the technology sector at large. She is a member of Broadway Angels and a founding member of, two initiatives supporting female entrepreneurs. Before Trinity, Patricia worked at McKinsey & Company and contributed to FORTUNE magazine.

How did you decide to become a venture capitalist?

My path to venture capital was serendipitous, so I advise young people to plan their careers but also be open to interesting but perhaps orthogonal opportunities when they present themselves. In 1999, I had recently left McKinsey & Company to join the dot-com revolution and was working as director of marketing at a startup. On the side, for fun, I was writing freelance for FORTUNE magazine about some of the innovative approaches to management being pioneered by exciting Silicon Valley tech companies. For my reporting, I spoke to many venture capitalists and hit it off with the Trinity team. They asked me to join them, and I was immediately enthralled by the caliber of entrepreneurs I had the good fortune to meet and their new business ideas. And here I am, 18 years later, still loving every day.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Without a doubt, the greatest rewards come from supporting the amazing feats and successes of our entrepreneurs. I particularly love the pivotal moment when my portfolio companies achieve product-market fit and can turn their attention to scaling. Entrepreneurs defy the odds at every turn with almost superhuman effort and intensity, and I strive to be the best supporting actress, leveraging my experience and relationships to help them realize their dreams.

What about Trinity Ventures makes you proudest and why?

Trinity has an unbeatable culture built on fairness, trust and intellectual honesty. It embraces diversity and it requires everyone to check their egos at the door. We have deep respect for our entrepreneurs and limited partners, and our approach to solving problems is highly collaborative. Our culture is truly the bedrock for the longevity and success of our firm, and it makes me proud to work here.

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