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We believe win­ning takes heart.

To us, it’s personal.

As former founders and tech executives ourselves, we know firsthand the passion, grit and bravery that entrepreneurship requires.

We intentionally maintain an unusually low capital-to-partner ratio among top-tier venture firms for one reason: to stay committed to an uncommon degree. We champion your vision from day one, adding substantial value on your terms.

Beyond deep industry insight and relevant operational experience, we treat venture capital as a team sport. Trinity is the call you want to make, not the call you have to make.

Ajay And Schwark

The resolve to match your ambition.

For over three decades, we’ve been unwavering in our commitment to early stage investing -- with the track record to prove it. Trinity founders have built enduring companies that transform markets and lives.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely pursuit. Joining the Trinity family means tapping into a network of experts and founders who can help you navigate the personal and professional uncertainties of running a startup.

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Mis­sion over ego, sub­stance over flash.

We build long-term founder relationships based on intellectual candor and respect.

Whether you’re a first time founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, we recognize your personal well-being as inextricably linked to your company’s well-being.

We look out for you so you can look out for your business.

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